Monday, 18 June 2018

New Project & Evolving Painting Styles

I am starting a new "force" to go along with my already completed Darkest Africa figures, this time the dreaded Force Publique...'cos everyone needs a bad guy to face, even the Arab Slavers...!!!

I have bought one pack each of:

I've learned a lot over the last year painting figures from the 28mm Foundry Darkest Africa range, and my painting style has been evolving slowly from a Base Coat/Dip/Highlight style I've done in the past to a blended style.

I have particularly been influenced by a book from Javier Gomez (better known as El Mercenario) called "Painting Wargames Figures" - honestly, I wish I had access to this book years ago, as it has proven invaluable for working out a colour pallet. You can buy the book at:
Read more at:
Anyway, as much for me to remember what i did, as for anyone else, here is my test figure for the Force Publique, with the colour combinations I used. I mix paints as a rule, and blend on the pallet as the mood takes me, rather than paint from the pot.

Colours Used

VMC = Vallejo Model Colour
VGC = Vallejo Game Colour
All percentages are approximate...I go with what looks right!

Base Coat - 80% VMC Hull Red & 20% VMC Black
1st Highlight - 80% VMC Hull Red 20% VMC Light Brown
2nd Highlight - Add more VMC Light Brown for final 2nd Highlight(s)

100% VGC Tan

Blue Uniform
Base Coat - 80% VMC Prussian Blue & 20% VMC Black
1st Highlight - 100% VMC Prussian Blue
2nd Highlight - 80% VMC Prussian Blue 20% VGC Off-White

Red Sash and Fez
Base Coat - 100% VMC Cavalry Brown
1st Highlight - 50 % VMC Cavalry Brown & 50% VMC Red (947, as there are more than one red in the range)
2nd Highlight - 100% VMC Red (947)

100% VGC Polished Gold

Gun Stock
Base Coat - 100% VMC Hull Red
1st Highlight - 50% VMC Hull Red & 50% VMC Mahogany Sand
2nd Highlight - 100% VMC Mahogany Sand

Gun Barrel/Bayonet
Base Coat - 50% VGC Gun Metal & 50% VMC Black
1st Highlight - 100% VGC Gun Metal
2nd Highlight - 100% VGC Chainmail Silver (just the edge of the bayonet, and fine details)

Gun Barrel Bands
100% VGC Polished Gold

Leather Scabbard and Ammo Box
Base Coat - 100% VMC Black
1st Highlight - 80% VMC Black & 20% VMC Neutral Grey

That's it for now - hope you find it useful! I will post more at a later date, including information on my basing style, which I've been asked about a few times.

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