Tuesday, 5 June 2018

In Darkest Africa (Homebrew Rules)

So, after lots of playing around with rules for the display game I am doing at our Wargames Show, I've decided on a mix of rulesets - I am using most of the "Congo" rules and mechanisms, but am also using the activation system from Donnybrook/Sharp Practice.

We've had three test games so far, and it has been very successful...photos from the latest game are at the bottom of the page, and the rule amendments used are below.

The Main Rule

Use the Congo rules as written, except as noted below (by section).


Increase Measuring Sticks, so instead of 4, 6 and 12 inches, they will be 6, 12 and 18 inches.

Add artillery as a unit:
  • Range is L x3
  • No. of Dice as per Figures in Unit (start with 4)
  • Dice is d8 within 1L, 1L-2L d6, 2L-3L Half d6;
  • Reload
  • Cannons have a 45 degree arc of fire (from the barrel), they need a move action to turn
  • Units targeted by cannon fire draw 2 stress tokens
Characters now have there own shoot/combat/morale dice where applicable;

Unit cohesion changes to 1";

Line of sight - because units now have a cohesion of 1", units have an arc of fire of 45 degrees. If units fire to their side and rear, use half dice, as if it was an obscured target.

Unit/Character Activation

Remove section, and replace with Donnybrook card activation. There will be a card for each unit/character, and they will activate on the turn of that card;

Characters can join/leave units on their card; As in Donnybrook, they are simply placed 2" away from the unit and can take a turn if not already activated with the unit; They cannot leave and joing a unit in the same turn; they can be targeted if they leave a unit...so don't do it when in line of sight!!!

There is no reload card (this is now an order), but there IS a Turn End card, just to add unpredictability!

On the turn of your units card, it gives one action:
  • Move
  • Fire
  • Load
  • Charge
  • Rally
  • Opportunity
  • Terror Attack (performed only by units with a character only)
Opportunity Fire - a unit may be placed on opportunity as an order, it will remain on opportunity until its next activation. It can shoot at half dice in reaction to another units movement;


As written, other than references to the Congo Card Deck


Revised Weapon Ranges:
  • Rifle/Jezzail Range should be L x2, i.e. 36" (d6 to hit at more than 18"; if the unit has d6 ability, then half dice);
  • Spear Range changes to S, i.e. 6"
  • Pistol Range is M, i.e. 12"
  • Others remain the same;


As written, other than references to the Congo Card Deck.

Running Away

As written, other than references to the Congo Card Deck.


Revised Totem Cards:
  • DICE: Add dice to any roll;
    ACTION: Gives the unit activated an extra action;
    STRESS: Lose a stress token;
    MOVE: Move x units 'S';
    STICK: Add S to any distance;
    INITIATIVE: Cancel a units activation;

The Game Photos

Didn't get chance to do a write up, but the game itself was played with a 120 point attacker force, and a 80 point defender force. We have played two games like this so far, and it was one win each, so is well balanced.


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