Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Guilford Courthouse Project - Part 1

I've been working on forces for Guilford Courthouse in 6mm (Baccus Miniatures) for a few years now on and off - it kept stumbling because I have been unable to find a set of rules I was happy with that suited my basing. Black Powder just doesn't do it for me, and I've also tried Patriots and Loyalists, Volley and Bayonet, Principles of War and many others! I had pretty much settled on Principles of War until I picked up the new Polemos: RDG which I like very much.

Now cards on the table here, we played the Franco Prussian version when it first came out and I really didn't like felt, to me at least, as though there were some great mechanisms (I like tempo in particular) but it felt very clunky, and too much like hard work....however, I always felt there was a decent game waiting to get step up RDG!

Anyhow, I have worked out my army lists at 1 Infantry Stand = 100 Men; 1 Cavalry Stand = 50 Men & 1 Artillery Stand = 2 Guns.

So here goes:

British Army

Lt. Gen. Charles, 2nd Earl Cornwallis

Webster’s Brigade (Lt. Col. James Webster):
23rd Foot (3 Bases)
33rd Foot (3 Bases)

Leslie’s Brigade (Major General Alexander Leslie):
2nd Battalion, 71st Foot (3 Bases)
Von Bose Regiment (4 Bases)

The Brigade of Guards (Brigadier General Charles O’Hara):
1st Battalion (2 Bases)
2nd Battalion (2 Bases)
Guard Grendier Company (1 Base)
Guards Light Infantry Company (1 Base)

Auxiliary Troops
British Legion: Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton (5 x Legion Cavalry; 1 x 17th Light Dragoons)
Jaeger Company: Cpt. Wilhelm von Roeder (1 Base)

Royal Artillery:
1st section – 2 6lb field guns (1 Base)
2nd Section – 2 6lb field guns (1 Base)
3rd section – 2 3lb field guns (1 Base)

Now for the Pictures:


23rd Foot:

33rd Foot:


2nd Battalion, 71st Foot:

Technically these should be wearing trousers, rather than kilts!
Von Bose Regiment:

The Hessians tended to have a standard per company, hence the way I've done it...I need to replace the flags, as these are not correct....just filler until i found an accurate flag!


Guards Battalion:

The Guards did not carry standards in the colonies, so neither do mine!

Grenadiers and Light Foot:


Hessian Jagaers:

Tarleton's Legion:

I chose 6 figures per base rather than 9, as I think of them as Light Cavalry, so prefer a bit more "space" on the bases.

That's it - I still need to paint up figures for the 17th Light Dragoons (only 1 Stand) and a Command figure for Tarleton himself...

The Continentals need about 8 stands doing and I am finished, so I will post pictures for these later...

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